100 Crayons, January 30, 2013 Daily Reflection

Artwork by a first grader

Last Friday was the 100th day of school. A 1st grader made this incredible art project in honor of the 100th day. It is 100 crayons with their colors running down the canvas. I stopped her and asked if I could take a picture of it.

This art reflects our lives. We are all in a row, different colors, side by side. Many times we look exactly alike but no matter how uniform we appear the effects of our lives look different on the canvas of this earth. Everything we do, everyone we love or don’t love, and each action we take or choose not to take shows on the canvas of our lives.

When our colors have been used up and we are down to the littlest piece of our crayon and can barely draw our last breath what artwork will we leave behind?

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