Do we each have human dignity? January 29, 2016 Daily Reflection

Created in his image

Created in his image

Human dignity is the value that each person has because he/she was created in the image of God. Every single person has human dignity and it cannot be taken away, no matter what! Many people believe that when a person uses his freewill to choose bad instead of good his human dignity is chipped away. Eventually the bad choices lead to vices, bad habits that are difficult to cease. When a person continually chooses bad over good that person is moving farther from God and closer to evil. Most people would say that violent criminals, child molesters, and mass murders have absolutely no human value. Lots of people think they should be wiped off of the face of this earth. 

The Catholic Church would say that even Hitler still had human dignity. Of course his acts were some of the most sinister acts of evil ever conducted. However, he still has human dignity because one cannot be uncreated by God. God created each of us in his image and likeness. Those who choose to follow the darkness and sin find it more difficult to validate their own value. Jesus Christ taught forgiveness. This is the year of Mercy. We are to forgive one another. One of the main ideas of our teachings is forgiveness. We believe that everyone can have a conversion of heart. With this belief of forgiveness we are admitting that those evil people still have worth. The love that God placed within each and every soul at birth cannot be taken away. It can be distracted, tainted, abused, neglected, and abandoned, but it cannot be destroyed. 

No one can be UN created, no one can take away the love of God from our souls, and no one can ever be without human dignity.


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