Going Back, February 4, 2016 Daily Reflection

SwingsThis swing set represents the freedom and fun of our childhood. Remember pumping your legs, your feet in the air, feeling that you might actually touch the sky if you just pushed your feet a little higher? The freedoms of childhood; little to no responsibilities yet we did not feel free very often. We were told where to go, when to do our homework, we had to ask permission to use the bathroom at school. Our freedom depending up on our parents and teachers. Except on the playgrounds and outside playing. Those times were our times, to run, jump, play, pretend and to be free.

The swing set is such a temptation in our stressed out lives. It is a symbol of a simpler time, although we didn’t appreciate it to its full capacity. We could not appreciate that time because our minds did not understand what was in store for our future. Looking back we can appreciate those moments.

Today, make a new moment stop by a playground, find a swing set. Pump those legs again and release the tension of your adult life. Swing high and let the air take your breath away. Only as the adult you have now become are you able to appreciate the freedom of your childhood and the precious gift of swinging on a swing once more.

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