Passing it on, February 8, 2016 Daily Reflection

Dad and my son playing checkers

Dad and my son playing checkers

My son and my dad played checkers this weekend. They had a great time, even though my son beat my Dad. It was fun to watch them play. They are very similar thinkers, both analytical, mathematical, and extremely intelligent. 

It is difficult to explain how precious it is to me to witness my dad teaching my son new skills. As a child I adored my dad, as I still do today, to see my children adore him feels like life coming full circle. I am so happy that my children have the opportunity to love my dad like I do. When I was in 5th grade my dad had a heart attack. It changed my life and perspective. I had always been a daddy’s girl but after that moment I appreciated him so much more. I saw life as much more precious. I feel blessed that I didn’t lose him that day or any other day. I am beyond blessed and so are my children that they are able to learn from my Dad about real service, loving others, and being loved unconditionally. My children have no idea how fortunate they are to have my Dad in their lives. They love, respect, have fun with, and listen to Grandpa. 

There is nothing like a child and grandparent relationship. 


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