In it together, March 1, 2016 Daily Reflection

Creative Prayer

Creative Prayer

Many times in this life we feel we are in it all alone. We forget the people who got us to where we are. We forget about the friends we lean on daily. We forget about the smiles we encounter walking across a parking lot. We forget about the love we feel in the world because we focus on our loneliness.

Today, remember that you are NOT alone. You were loved into existence by God. You were raised by people who loved you. You were nurtured by parents, siblings, teachers, family, and friends who taught you how to love others. You have been surrounded by love all of you life. Things get bad, that’s part of life, but they always get better. You wouldn’t notice the bad if it were not for all of the good.

Honestly, we are all in this together. Lifting one another up along the way. We take turns falling, being lifted, and doing the lifting. The more we lift others the stronger we become, but we never become so strong that we should stand isolated and alone. God desires us to be in relationship with self, other, and God. “Together, one by one, we create a masterpiece.”

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