What’s your focus? November 19 Daily Reflection



The sunlight shines straight through yet illuminates the Ginko leaves.

The sunlight shines straight through yet illuminates the Ginko leaves.


“And a voice came from the heavens, saying,

“This is my beloved Son, with whom I am well pleased.”

Matthew 3:17

How do you make choices in your everyday life?  Do you decide to do something because it is the quickest way to do it and you know it is on the to do list?   Do you make lists so you don’t forget things?  Does your calendar look like a crossword puzzle with no blank spaces?  When I just asked the question “How do you make choices in your everyday life” did you think to yourself, I don’t know I am on auto pilot?


Pause, take a breath, relax if only for the next five minutes while you read this. 


Now think “What is my goal, my motivation in life?”  Big question!!


So many of us have lost our focus in life because we are just trying to make it through the chaos to the next thing to check off the list.  What is your goal, what is your focus?  I reflected on this question the other day during a 4 mile run, so I had some time to think undisturbed.  My goal, focus and motivation are “All for the glory, honor and love of God”.  Now how does that work??


If every day I try to live by this idea then my choices and decisions will be more conscious.

All for the glory, honor and love of God. 


 So that one day God may say to me

“This is my daughter with whom I am well pleased”


So how will I apply this to life?


Kind words to everyone I come in contact with on a daily basis.

For the love of God


Unexpected Thank yous to people I know.

For the love of God


When I am complimented to honestly say and believe it is by the Grace of God that I am able to do what I have done.

For the Glory and Honor of God 

Treating others as I would like to be treated, not just with friends but people I do not care for.

For the love of God


Praying in thanksgiving to God for all I have been blessed with in this life.

For the Glory and Honor of God


How I will live my normal everyday life should focus on giving glory, honor and love to God, by loving each other.


Most simply put

Just love each other

 and you are giving Glory, Honor and love to God


Reflect on your goals, not for career or monetary gain but overall on a deeper level.  There has to be a reason you do what you do.  Reflect and find a focus that you want for your life and you can apply it to everything and every event and live a more conscious life.  One that can help you feel complete, good and closer to God.  We all want to feel good; nothing feels better than the love of God, in our actions, our words, and in our lives.  Let God’s love shine through you, don’t look away let it shine straight through who you are and He will illuminate your life, by simple acts of goodness if you take the time to become aware and to focus. 


 Don’t you want to hear those words from God some day?  “This is my child with whom I am well pleased”. Don’t you want to live in the light of God’s goodness?  Not just for the reward of heaven but so that the life you lead can stop being about lists and things to check off but instead be about becoming complete as a person and a child of God.

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