Hitting the mark, January 26, 2017 Daily Reflection

Jake’s Archery tournament

Jake is my first child who has been a part of archery. Archery is a totally different type of sport. It is very disciplined and quiet. I am impressed by the personal challenges of archery and the good sportsmanship. The opponents grade each others shots, they are courteous and well-mannered. The audience watches, quietly. There is no screaming at officials or angry parents complaining in the stands. It seems to be a very dignified sport. No one is tackling anyone else, or arguing with anyone. It is a team sport but it has many elements of personal mastery.

Archery’s main focus is to hit the mark. Our life’s purpose is to hit the mark God set for us when he created us. Are you hitting the mark that God has set in your life? It is about personal mastery. We must be lifelong learners constantly learning, reflecting, evaluating, and living our lives to the fullest of God’s plan for us. Are you attempting to live the way God wants? Are you courteous to those on the ride with you as well as your opponents? Are you leading your life in a dignified manner? Leading a good moral life is following the way that God leads us.

Today, try to hit the mark by leading a moral life.

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