In Union, October 21, 2017 Saturday Tidbit

Humanity and nature

I removed one sandal and delicately, cautiously dipped my big toe into the grass as though testing cold water. I slipped off the other sandal and felt the grass between my toes. The unevenness of the ground, the cool temperature of the clover cooled the warmth of my feet. The gentle breeze caressed my skin and the sun’s rays gave a temporary heat to my cheeks. The squirrels sat reveling in the fall evening, their white fur bellies showing as they were chewing on nuts. The trees appeared to be reaching for the sky towering above me. Those trees have witnessed this land before the cars rushed about on those man made roads. And I, I sat on the ground and listened to both the lull of the cars passing by and the chirping of the birds; humanity’s modern machines created and the native nature that still lives here. A single question or thought sat heavy in my mind and on my heart; Can we exit together in union? The answered whispered “we are until we are not.”

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