The Garden Seat, December 8 Daily Reflection

The Garden Seat

The Garden Seat

Tucked away behind the white picket fence, among the flowered bushes and the gravel stone path, sits a garden seat; wooden, worn and waiting for someone to take a rest upon it.  Room enough for two of you it beckons take a break from your burdens, from your journey and relax.  You will feel the smooth wood slightly sloping beneath you and the slant of the high back behind you.  Taking in the fragrant flowers scent and the vivid colors of the remaining roses knowing so soon they will fade away, you can rest your weary body and relax.

Imagine yourself there in the peace garden, seeking the peace that fills your mind. Close your eyes and breathe in the air, the smell of fall and the wet pavement. As you let your body mold into the seat try to feel the presence of Christ sitting with you.  Feel the warm embrace of His love and drink in the thought that He is so close you can literally touch Him. 

 In this moment of knowing completely God sits beside you, what do you want to say to Him? 

 Are there questions you should ask that have burned inside your soul for years? 

 Ask them. 

Would you like to thank Him for all that He has blessed you with in this life? 

Thank Him. 

Or would you just be content to sit in the love of the Lord with no words spoken?

Just remain.

How powerful our imagination can be if we let ourselves use it.  If we truly let go and let our minds take on the image.  It’s as if we can truly feel His presence.  You don’t have to sit in that seat to imagine the presence of God.  You don’t have to imagine at all, He is with you now, at your desk at work, in the car as you read this at a red light on your phone, in your kitchen while you read this on your laptop.  He has always been within your reach within the core of who you are.  You have only to open yourself up to His presence, to slow yourself down, to listen to the silence, to pray to Him, to call on him, to ask Him the questions, to tell Him thanks, to just remain and know that He is with you now.

“Lord, you know me: you know when I sit and stand;

You understand my thoughts from afar.

Even before a word is on my tongue, Lord you know it all.

Behind and before you encircle me and rest your hand upon me.

Where can I hide from your spirit?

From your presence, where can I flee?

If I ascend to the heavens, you are there;

If I fly with the wings of dawn and alight beyond the sea,

Even there your hand will guide me,

Your right hand hold me fast.”

Psalm 139 2, 4-5, 7- 10

So come into the garden just beyond the white picket fence.  Find your way through the gravel stone path, past the bushes full of vivid colors and fragrant smells.  Find the seat and rest upon it.  Be still and feel His presence upon the wooden seat.  But know that no matter where you are in the peace and meditation of life or in the throes of despair, His presence remains.  He never leaves you.  You only need open your senses, feel with your heart and know with all that you are that He is there beside you, within you, about you always not just on the garden seat.


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