1st Communion Retreat, November 12, 2013 Daily Reflection

Jake making his banner

Jake making his banner


Saturday morning Jake and I attended his First Communion Retreat. Jake tasted the host and the wine (not consecrated) and learned how to hold his hands correctly when receiving the Eucharist. We had an outstanding tour of the Church. A good friend of mine compared the Church to the children’s houses. I could have listened to her for 2 hours and the children were totally captivated by her creativity. Jake and his friends then mixed the ingredients together to make communion bread. They loved stirring, mixing and kneading the bread. Last but not least Jake put together the banner that will hang on the end of the pew during his First Communion Mass.  When we left Jake said “I thought that was going to be a boring meeting but it was lots of fun”.

Students, children and parents love experiences or detest them depending upon how the material is presented. Thank you to those in charge of First Communion for making it creative and hands on so the children could really understand and enjoy the experience leading to Jake’s First Communion. Next time you have material to present take into consideration a fun, interactive way to present it. People will thank you as well.

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