2 or 300? May 18 Daily Reflection


Do you see 2 chandeliers or 300? What is the reality? What is your perception?

As humans we have been given the gift of intellect and reason. We not only use our 5 senses but also our intellect to evaluate every situation we are presented with daily. As we become more educated we realize that life exists way outside of our perimeters. We become a little less egocentric and a little more concerned with the world as a whole. As a mature adult we have the responsibility to be aware and educated about the world.

However, many of us, me included, seem to live inside our own little part of the world. What we see, touch, smell, hear and taste is our reality. Our perception; that is our ability to find insight or understanding, of our existence is our own reality.

Do we see 2 chandeliers or 300? What is the truth?

The truth is defined in many ways one of which is reality. The reality is that there are 2 chandeliers and 2 mirrors that are directly across the room from each other. The illusion is that there are 300 of them.

The realities of this world are too much for us to handle at one time. So we break it down and manage what we can manage one chandelier at a time. What we perceive to be reality can be skewed and manipulated especially when we are in the middle of it all. Objectivity- uninfluenced by emotion or personal prejudice – may be the key to reality. But we live within our own minds and personal experience therefore we cannot be completely objective about anything that draws on our emotions.

So, what we perceive to be the truth becomes our reality and that is where we live. If we perceive only hate, violence and evil we suddenly will live within that depressing and oppressive world. If we perceive kindness, goodness, openness and love it will become our reality. Both exist but we have the choice to let it take us down or to find in every situation the goodness and allow ourselves a healthy reality.

Today, how many chandeliers will you see? Will they be good or evil? The choice, the perception, the reality, your reality is ultimately up to you.

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