Silhouette January 7 Daily Reflection

Silhouette of Jake and Spencer

Silhouette of Jake and Spencer

Playing a game in the light of the window the boys did not know I took their picture at all. I love silhouettes- the outline of an object or person filled in with a solid color.  I think that is how God sees each of us, not the physical details of who we are but the outline of our body yet the inside He can feel without even looking.  He can feel the presence of goodness and love or hurt and pain.  As humans we try to hide the hurt and pain with a smile on our faces but I think God can feel it, we cannot hide our emotions from God.

In our culture we are so caught up in fashion; what we wear, if we are in style, the latest haircut, makeup and appearance.  We are a culture obsessed with body image; losing weight, exercising, and six pack abs not just for the health but to look good.  It is so easy to get lost in the physical appearance as humans.  However, I believe God does not see any of it. His view is like the silhouettes but in the shaded part our feelings, experiences and faith are all revealed.

Just imagine what our culture would be like if we could all view each other in that way an outline, without judgment of the latest trends or how skinny or how large another person is.  To just recognize their outline and feel their emotions and love them for whom they are within.  How different would our world be if we could see each other as God sees us?  How many more people would be loved that are neglected and rejected because of appearance and how many people who  physically look perfect would be seen as imperfect hurt and in pain?  Our world would change drastically if we could see each other as God sees us and love each other for who we are within.  Today try to look past the physical appearance and listen to the person within and accept and love them like God does like a silhouette.

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