21st Wedding Anniversary, May 16, 2018

Aaron & I on our wedding day

Today, is our 21st wedding anniversary! I remember the infatuation, the permanent smiles, the giggles, the butterflies in my stomach, and dreaming of a happily ever after.

Marriage is an amazing relationship. There is nothing else like it. You decide to commit your life to one other person. To create children, a family, and an entire lifetime together. To share every intimate action and detail of yourself. To share the financial burden of living. To take turns carrying one another at different times along the way. To never stop showing up. The number one factor for marriages staying together is the commitment by both people not to leave.

There is so much more to a marriage than any person can reveal to another. One thing I would not have believed is how much deeper your love can grow for another human being. Each of us have changed, developed, and grown in many different ways. We are not the same two people we were when we got married. However, the core of who we are has never changed, our values, our souls, our divine spark deep within has always been there. Our love has changed into a more beautiful, fruitful, forgiving, compassionate, unshakable and unconditional foundation for our lifetime together to continue.

You can’t prepare completely. You just have to trust that small whisper deep within that says this is the one and then commit for a lifetime. Saying I do to Aaron Disselkamp was the best decision I have ever made! I would say yes all over again.

Happy Anniversary!

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