10 minutes, April 17 Saturday Tidbit


Think Relaxing thoughts: can you hear the water flowing?

Rushing here and there every day without fail, how do we slow down? Is it possible? Where did the leisure time go? What is leisure time? Is it watching your kids play ball or playing ball with them in the backyard, unheard of! Is it sitting on the couch watching a ball game with DVR so you can fast forward the commercials in order to finish the game quickly?

Feel that sinking clutching feeling in the pit of your stomach? Do you have a hard time breathing? Is your sigh the closest you come to exhaling slowly?

We know how to rush through our lives to “get it all done” but do we know how to have down time? We need to put downtime on our list of things to do so we will “get it done”!

What would relax you?

How could you unwind?

Figure out what works for you. Make it a practical application for your daily life and try it today.One little change in your day can relax you.  You could try to spend 10 minutes alone, try to spend 10 minutes with your spouse without distraction, try to spend 10 minutes taking a walk alone.  Today make your goal to spend 10 minutes doing something that will relax you.

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