HummingBird, April 12 Daily Reflection

Hannah's painting for me

“It’s just paint by numbers but I had to paint it as a gift for you. You are our little humming bird, you know!” That’s what Hannah my good young friend said to me when she presented this precious painting.  It is in the window of my office so I can reflect on its meaning often.

Hannah’s father nick named me “hummingbird” because I am in constant motion.  Everyone who really knows me realizes my energy level and enthusiasm for life.  I once thought I am high energy because I am healthy and I was just born that way. I now know it was one of the many gifts God has bestowed on me.  God gave me this natural high for life, a drive not for fame or money but to do His Will daily.  I fail daily to do His Will but I try constantly.  Sometimes I do His Will but it is always through His guidance and grace that anything comes out right or really good. 

God gives each of us different gifts. It is our job to discover what gifts He has bestowed on each of us.  Soul searching must be part of the process for the discovery. One must dig very deep and reflect inwardly to find these precious and original gifts from God.  Then when you have found them you must use them to the best of your ability. It is a sin to waste those gifts and not share them with the world.  God wants us to use what He has so freely given us for the good of others.

What are your gifts?  If you are not sure start praying about it. Reflect on your life and what you feel passionate about.  Do some soul searching!  When you have found it, acknowledge it and then start sharing it with the world. God will support you when you do His will.

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