Time To Meditate, May 14 Daily Reflection

Jake in the garden

We all need to take the time to meditate, to reflect upon or to contemplate our lives. We rush through life getting things done but do we ever stop and reflect on what we have completed?

Do we know what balance means how to achieve it or is it some distant dream, untouchable to parents of today’s world? In a balanced life we as parents would be able to call each other by name not refer to each other as Daddy and Mommy (I believe that is my only name now). In a balanced life we would be able to have a conversation with our spouse daily that lasts longer than 10 minutes. In a balanced life we would exercise 3 days a week, be able to get 8 hours of sleep every night and eat 3 real meals a day without any of them being fast food. In a balanced life we would talk with each of our children individually daily about their life. In a balanced life we would have time to pray and reflect on our life. Do you know anyone who has achieved this life yet?

Just because we are not there yet, doesn’t mean we shouldn’t strive to achieve the dream. It can happen, as my husband says if we stop saying “yes” to everything and start just concentrating on our family. Service is needed in life, committees for school are beneficial, sports are great for our children, involvement in social groups are healthy but too many outside commitments drives each of us farther away from that balance. It takes such a strong awareness of scheduling to juggle all the commitments we have made in our daily lives, to keep all the balls in the air that if we miss just one we feel them all fall upon our heads.

Start simply by looking at today, what did you do this morning, what do you have to do for the rest of the day? What can you cut out? What should you try to eliminate? Can you take a 10 minute walk to calm your soul? Can you take a 5 minute break to say a silent prayer to God? Can you find 10 minutes to talk with your spouse? Can you carve out 10 minutes to talk with each of your children tonight before bed, alone? Can you breathe in and breathe out to steady yourself to reflect on life and not fall over because you are finally standing still? Only you know your life and what is necessary and what is too much. Only you can decide what the priorities should be and what can be cut out. A wise man once told me “Lori, if you do too much you will burn out!  You will be 60 someday, your children will be grown and you will find more time.” I often think of those words when I am about to start a new service program or committee. It is difficult to slow down but at what cost do we stay on cruise control?

Today reflect, close your eyes like Jake and meditate on your life and what will bring you peace and completion. Then strive to find that way for your children, your spouse, yourself and your relationship with God. Balance doesn’t have to be just a dream it can be a reality but it will always be  a constant work in progress.

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