The eyes of the snake, July 12 Daily Reflection

Look into the snake's eyes!

As we wandered through the zoo we came upon this lovely creature. I noticed that its eyes were open but was it looking at me through the glass? It looked as though his eyes were empty.

Often times we appear just like this snake. People come across us and we seem to be alive, alert and aware with our eyes wide open; we might even speak to them. However, we are not present at all. We are in the next moment, wrapped up in our To Do List, beating ourselves up for what we have neglected and thinking about how ineffective we really are in life. We are standing there talking yet we are so distant that we have no idea what that person just said to us.

Our inner dialogue truly dictates our attitudes, choices and overall our lives. So why can’t we be fully present?

Because my friends, we were taught to multi task! We cannot do one thing at a time and do it right. We were taught to do five things at a time and so what if they are all half way done at least the tasks were completed.

What happened to quality over quantity?

Today, wake up and pay attention to your life. Do one thing at a time and try to be present in that one task. When you are talking to someone stop cooking, cleaning, running and moving just stop look into their eyes and listen to them. If you can do that you may have the best conversation of your life. Although if you do this you might also notice that the person you converse with looks just like the eyes of the snake, empty. But try it anyway!

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