A Beach Surprise, October 21, 2011 Daily Reflection

Wedding on a beach - zoom in and look for the sandcastle

Can you see the sandcastle to the side of the wedding? We built that sandcastle. Actually we were building that sand castle when a woman, I think the wedding coordinator, walked across the beach and said “This will do. Bring it all out here.” Then suddenly people were setting up chairs and within 20 minutes guests were arriving.  The bride walked down the aisle on what I assume was the arm of her father. As we watched in our bathing suits right there on the beach, nothing reserved, no mean looks, no one asking us to move. They began their lives as husband and wife right there 10 feet from our sandcastle.

My family loves to attend weddings but most of the weddings we attend are in a Church not on a beach. It was odd being able to witness this in our bathing suits but also an honor to know we were there for a moment those people will remember for a lifetime.

Life is like that full of surprises and unexpected situations. It is much more fun to embrace the unexpected and smile at the surprises than to sit confused and flustered by it all. That’s what we did we smiled and watched and thought “I wonder if our sandcastle will make it into their wedding pictures?”

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