A Child At Rest? August 7, Saturday Tidbit

Resting on the creekbed

Running, jumping, climbing, hiking, throwing rocks into the creek, shrieking with joy, screaming “NOT IT”, rolling down the grassy hills, bodies constantly in motion; our children at play. Rarely as parents do we catch a glimpse of our children sitting silently and taking in the beauty of God’s nature, pausing to listen to the water trickle down the rocks. She may just be resting, catching her breath, thinking about what game she will play next. Maybe she is saying a little prayer or looking for a fish or toad to catch. Regardless of the reason there she sits resting upon the creek bed peacefully in silence. If a child whose life is motion can pause and rest then as adults we should learn from the child and sit down beside her and rest our weary bones as well. Today, take the time if only for ten minutes to find such a peaceful place and rest.

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