A Common Goal, August 20, 2012 Daily Reflection

Working together towards the common goal, whatever that goal may be, is a successful venture. The more we think as a team and focus on a goal the more likely that goal will be acquired. This philosophy holds true in business as well as in families and relationships. On my wedding day my father was recorded on my wedding video saying “The secret to a successful marriage is to always put the other person first. It’s when you become selfish that things fall apart.” Now the cynical people are saying to themselves “That won’t work unless both people are selfless. That theory will lead to one person giving and the other person taking. No thank you!” But let me tell you after 15 years of marriage it works. Neither one of us are perfect. We each have our flaws and habits that drive the other person crazy. However, when I think about his needs first and meet them it leads to him thinking about my needs and how to meet them. The most difficult part is thinking about someone else first. Changing those selfish thoughts to thoughts of kindness and love for the other person and for the common goal; a loving happy marriage, is not always easy. But it works.

This theory also works in business. If you work together with your colleagues without selfish thoughts of who is better and who will be noticed more and instead focus on the common goal of the company the work is performed more efficiently and successfully. What is needed is complete cooperation and teamwork. Together “we” can accomplish much more than just “me”. Again the cynical people are saying “That whole teamwork; there is no I in team is so over used! If I want something done right I am not going to someone else to help me. I will do it all myself.” That attitude results in more division and a quicker rate of burn out.

Today, start fresh by putting your own agenda aside and working  together for a common goal. It takes time to change attitudes and old habits but today you can start that change. Work together for that common goal and success will be made possible for more than just you.

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