A Few Questions, July 2, 2018 Daily Reflection


From where did we come?
From the love of our parents.
From the love of God.
Where will we go?
Into the lives of others with love and charity.
Into the future with love and praise for God’s creation of all humanity.
What will we do?
We will live abundant lives, by knowing self, giving, serving, and loving selflessly.
We will take the love that has been given to us to better the world.
What will we create?
It depends upon the perception we hold; if we feel neglected we will likely neglect, if we feel loved we will give our love.
We can create pain and suffering or charity and love.

To understand life, we must first search for meaning by self-exploration and researching our origins.
To live a full life we must have an understanding of selfless love, giving, serving, and wanting to better the lives of others.
To create happiness and joy we must be open to happiness and joy with our minds, hearts, and lives open to the love of God, ourselves, others, and all of creation.

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