A Good Friend, June 14, 2018 Daily Reflection

Anna’s Friends

If you have read anything on my website before you are probably well aware of my deep affection for my children. My most valued vocations are being a wife and a mother. During the summertime I have the ability to spend more quality time with my children. Recently, one of my daughter’s good friends has been going through a difficult time. I remember high school and my friends and situations like this. My friends tried to help me by distracting me. I tried to help them but I had so much raw emotion about certain situations that revenge seemed like the best idea at the time. I am so proud to say my daughter is a much better friend than I ever was. Even though she is upset about the situation at hand she is calm. She doesn’t mind distracting her friend but she really let’s her friend lead. She doesn’t push advice but just listens. She is there for her to comfort her and love her through it. She is so thoughtful and kind. She has a wisdom that I did not have at that age.

When we are close to a friend who is in the middle of a difficult situation sometimes it is difficult to step back and do what is best for the friend. We need to recenter, choose an intention, and be there for our friends. We need to listen without an agenda, to comfort, and be there for them. We need to be the type of friend we would like to have.

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