A Little Peace & Quiet, November 5 Daily Reflection

That stroller seems so much bigger than it really is, overwhelming when that baby cries

That stroller seems so much bigger than it really is, overwhelming when that baby cries

Brow furrowed, hair in disarray, stomach in knots, not being able to hold a thought longer than it takes to write this. She is crying again.  Endlessly ceasing,  newborn cries.  My sympathy and prayer for moms with newborns as well as colic babies is now at an all time high.

When a five week old is awake it is amazing how little you can accomplish.  To type with both hands is no small feat.  To think straight through the crying that is the new born shriek is somehow an instinct that is inherent in mothers only, I believe.  Oh, but when they sleep for 3 hours at a time, although one wants to rejoice and celebrate, instead we are racing the clock on edge just waiting for her to wake knowing when she does the race is over to get the laundry in the washing machine, to put away that last piece of silverware, to finish reading the last page of an excellent book of which we have re read the last page 15 times now. 

The stress of a newborn I think is somehow blocked out of a mom’s memory when you have passed that stage.  I had forgotten and it has just been 1 year ago that I babysat a newborn.  She is precious, beautiful and a God given miracle to hold and talk to.  To see her delicate fingers and her tiny toes strikes awe in my heart.  When she screams I am brought back to reality and realizing I must meet all of her needs instantaneously regardless of anyone else’s needs at that given moment.

 It passes more quickly than it feels like.  Every second of the crying feels like a piercing eternity to your soul, you just want to soothe her and make it all better, because you love her so and you want to regain what is left of your sanity.  The days seem forever long and the nights endless.  Fatigue sets in and one cannot seem to differentiate night from the day.  Remembering what you did yesterday is a thing of the past and thinking about what to make for dinner is no longer a concern.  The only concern you have is to keep that baby loved,feed, clean, and at peace.  Because all parents really want is as Bill Cosby said it best,  “peace and quiet”.

Moms of newborns I will be praying for you daily. That God gives you the unconditional love to go through that stage because “this too shall pass”.  That you are able to calm your nerves that are shot through friends, family and playgroups.  That you allow yourself to reach out to others for support because you need it, we all do no matter what the stage.  My prayers are with you.

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