A Love So Sincere, May 21, 2015 Daily Reflection

they are loved sincerely

they are loved sincerely

A love so sincere that it will give all that it has to take care of the other, selfless, unabashedly giving of every last breath to the other.

Are you loved like this by anyone in your life? Do you love another like this? Is there love like this in the world?

A parent knows this type of love for their child. Some spouses know this kind of love for one another. God has this love for each of us every moment of our existence. God’s love breathed us into existence. Knowing God, knowing love, gives us the ability to love like this. Which explains why some cannot love like this. If you have not been loved how do you learn to love? It is not hopeless those who have not known love are still able to find a person to love them so deeply that they will learn to love.

Jesus Christ loved with a sincerity of heart, without sin, without reason or need to hurt  another. Jesus gave every moment of his life, every breath he had so that we might learn to love as he loved us. He forgave from the cross so that we can forgive no matter who is nailing the nails into our hands.

As parents we are given the unbelievable opportunity to love like God loves us. As spouses we are given the amazing opportunity to love like God loves us. As children of God we are given incredible opportunities daily to love anyone and everyone as though they are part of our family, because they are.

Today, try to love sincerely, give all that you have to take care of others, selflessly, unabashedly give of every last breath to others.

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