A Mom’s Connection, April 19 Daily Reflection

A shadow of Jake & I holding hands

“Mommy I’m gonna step on your shadow”, Jake yelled as he tried to jump on my shadow. Jake loves to play that game, chasing my shadow and it is fun to run around him.  Notice how in the shadow we are completely connected? As a mom sometimes we are unaware of this connection and it takes a picture like this to remind us that we are a part of our children and they are a part of us. 

It is very easy when one becomes a mother for her identity to be devoured by that precious little baby that is completely dependent upon her. As our babies grow and become more self sufficient we begin to gain a little sense of our identity but sometimes it is just confusing to define who we have become.  Are we just moms 24/7 or are we still the person we were before that awe encompassing revelation of motherhood?  We will never be the same person again.  We have become a fuller more complete version of who we once were.  As our children grow and gain more independence we can let go a bit but even as they age and we feel somewhat “freed” from the 24/7 there still remains a deep embedded connection that will never fade, at least we hope not. 

Sometimes when walking my children home from school my 8 year old daughter will grab my hand and hold it for just a few moments and then let go. That is motherhood. Feeling that connection and then letting go when the child is ready to but always having our hands extended open and readily inviting the grasp of our child’s  hand in life.


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