A new perspective, September 12 Sunday Tidbit

A Peaceful Place

A deep breath, a simple sigh, a way to calm the soul, to comfort the anxiety: how do you do it? What is your way to come down, calm down, and relax in this fast paced race we run?

 If all we do is run we will destroy our bodies, deplete our energy and one day just cease to breath. The race will be there in the morning, when you open your eyes after you have had a break a time out to replenish your soul.

 So take it, take that time to relax, renew and replenish. God did not create this pace. His gifts to us were nature, life and love. Not a To Do List, organizational skills, skyscrapers and schedules. In Him we shall have peace and true life not the race but the real thing.

 Reality tends to be our perception of the world. Maybe we need a new perspective.


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