A reason, September 26, 2013 Daily Reflection


This picture makes me take a deep breath and feel relaxed. It takes me away to a far off place and gives me pleasure. This is why the Catholic Church uses so many things “sacramentals” within the Church. I have been teaching my juniors about the Catholic Church and all the statues, colors, symbols, scents, elements that are used within the Church and our sacraments. They are all used just like this picture. These elements are used to heighten our senses and give us a way to be inspired to move from our present physical nature to something that transcends place and time and delivers us to the divine. The purpose of the entire Church is to bring us closer to God. Anything that inspires us and helps us to understand more deeply our relationship with God or connects us with God is important.

Just like this picture takes me somewhere else is the same reason our churches are filled with what appears to be “decorations” and sensations that to the outsider seems a little extravagant. It is all to bring us closer to God.

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