A Retreat, March 30, Daily Reflection

Retreat I led in Brandenburg, KY

I want to stay right there in that room on retreat day relaxed in the moment. I want to retreat daily. One of the moms on our latest Faith Filled Mom retreats said “Thank you God for this time, this peace and this moment, because I know when I go home the chaos will ensue.” I understand what she means. A retreat doesn’t take away your reality. It just gives you a break from reality. A retreat is a place to find others who understand and want to support you. It gives you the tools to handle the stress better. It gives you new ideas on how to reconnect with God through prayer in your life. A retreat will not change the world around you but it can change your perspective, your attitude and your priorities. Everyone needs a retreat. EVERYONE! We are all searching for peace, quiet and a new way to handle the pressure and stress of our world. Consider a retreat!

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