A Single Blade of Grass, November 28, 2012

Blades of grass

A single blade of grass crushed beneath our feet. As we trod on, it slowly creeps back to its upright position supported by the other blades of grass surrounding it.

Sometimes we are that single blade of grass crushed down into the dirt and other times we are the feet crushing the grass. Still other times we are the blades of grass surrounding the fallen and helping it to stand again. One blade doesn’t seem to matter much at all. After all there are so many blades and from a distance we see their unity and not their uniqueness. But there exists one that sees each and every blade for who they are and not just among the others.  The one who created that blade gave it color and strength to stand on its own as well as united with the others to form a velvet canvas from the heavens above.

We are more than a simple blade of grass. We will be trampled, we will trample, we will be supported and we will support. God gave us each a unique place to stand in this world; on our own and together with others. God witnesses our falling and our rising. God is with us through it all. Alone we fall but together we stand. God wants us to embrace both; self confidence and selflessness. God loves us individually and together. Let us remember we are never alone. We only have to look outside of ourselves to recognize those who lift us when we fall and those who love us when we stand.

We are more than a single blade of grass.

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