A Treasure, May 10, 2012 Daily Reflection

A tiny flower from my son

This flower is so simple, so tiny, so frail, yet so complex and sturdy at the same time. It blooms under foot where we trod so carelessly. In our need to run through life we rarely spy such treasures below. However, there are some of us that look more closely and walk more gingerly in pursuit of such priceless treasures. At times our children become focused on the wonder of nature around them. They run and play and trample the earth but when they fall to the ground in the joy of well deserved rest from playing they sometimes roll over upon the fresh grass and find such beauty. Then their fat little fingers pluck this simple creation from the ground. They examine its color, smell and size and if it is just right they make it into a gift. With their hands behind their backs and the sweetest smile upon their faces they present their find to us with love and joy.

How do we receive such a treasure? We should take the time to look it over, to comment on its beauty and then hug them and thank them for the gift. You see to your child this is more than a tiny treasure or a complex creation of God, it is a gift of love. They have no money to buy things, no car to drive to a store and pick something out. They have what God has given them and the love for their parents in their hearts.

The next time you get a flower, even one that looks like a weed know that it is so much more than what it appears to be to our adult eyes. It in fact is a little piece of your child’s heart extended in the palm of that little hand. Handle it gently, kindly and return the love with thanks and sincerity. What you have received is indeed a treasure.

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