A Woman’s Identity, November 14, 2011 Daily Reflection

A Woman

We women are sometimes without a face or an identity. In our culture women have so many identities that it is difficult to define ourselves as anyone one identity. Look at the life of a mom she is a cook, nurse, nanny, teacher, maid, counselor, spiritual leader, driver, and loved one. A woman with or without children is a professional, provider, sister, daughter, friend, aunt, granddaughter, follower of God, active volunteer, responsible citizen and co worker. We women have so many identities that many times our faces are so full that we appear to be blank. The truth is we juggle so many balls in the air at one time that we cannot seem to name the one that names us.

If you had to define yourself with one word would it be possible? What word would define your identity right here, right now in this moment of your life?


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