Abstract, November 19 Daily Reflection

What is it?

We can’t always understand clearly where the lines intersect, where the lines cross and the bars are held together. But can we accept that it has been created and appreciate its beauty although abstract to our minds.

We like to be able to grasp an idea, to wrap our minds around what it all means so we can take it in and translate it make it somehow relate to our already known ideas. When something is abstract and we can’t put our hands on it, it is not tangible, then we panic. How will we be able to understand and ultimately accept its existence if we have no prior knowledge of it or any experience that is similar to it? If we cannot understand how can we believe it?

Everyone’s minds work differently. Some need concrete explanations that they can physically put together and touch. Some prefer ideas and philosophies of life that are not tangible and given the tangible many times they would drop them. How many of us can do both? Were we created to have to see the answer or were we created to mature and to seek but also accept what we cannot understand?

Therein lies faith; a belief without proof or evidence. Were some of us born with that gift of faith, that we prefer the ideas and philosophies and don’t need the proof? If so were others born with the daunting task of the constant challenge of faith without proof? Where are you in your life? Do you have faith in the abstract or do you need to feel it, see it and touch it to believe it?

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