Acceptance, June 6 Daily Reflection

Sitting alone

How often have we felt like Spencer looks in this picture? He is alone as the other children go off exploring and having fun without him. Most likely he is content to be alone with his clovers and his thoughts. However most children do not like to be left out or feel alone neither do many adults. What is it about being a part of the herd that is so appealing to each one of us in some way or another?

We all just wanted to feel accepted and comfortable in our own skin. But when others walk away from us and do not choose to be with us we second guess who we are and why we are sitting out. Maybe it just comes down to our deepest need and that is to be loved. We don’t want to just be loved by a few people in our lives we want to be loved by many on different levels, being liked is more than enough from most people. Some people we are ok if they do not care for us that much but we never like to be rejected.

Maybe it is because our purpose in this life is to love without condition. If we are not feeling loved it is more difficult to give the love. Love is quite reciprocal if we can give the love to others most likely they will give it back to us. Not many people are able to put that love out there without a guarantee that it will be reciprocated. Then again not many people realize this life is not about accumulating things and “succeeding” but about loving anyway.

Today, give that love away stand up and walk with the group not because you are just another one in the herd but because you have love to give. You have a purpose in this life and it is to give without thought or concern of rejection. When you sit pensively as Spencer sits then reflect on how you can give more love to fulfill your purpose in this life.

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