Ache, June 8, 2018 Daily Reflection

My son looking out

We are searching as a society for something. We are aching to fill a void. We attempt to fill it with things, status, accomplishments, and influence. We are searching and as soon as one of those things seem to quench that thirst we drink gallons of it only to realize we are drowning in it. Then we realize that’s not the “it” we are seeking. We feel a certain sense of joy in status and continually try to recapture that feeling and eventually realize it is fleeting. We feel confident and strong when we have power or influence only to bring us to a place where we realize “we” don’t really have any power at all.

It takes most people an entire lifetime of attempting, testing, over doing, and repeating, only to conclude the ache has not been resolved. At the end of life we look over all that we have experienced and can more objectively understand what would have worked. What would have healed the ache was love, relationship with self, God, others and creation. If we could have found peace and harmony within those relationships the ache would have been relieved.

We were created by our creator to love, to be in relationship, to give, and to live our lives to the fullest. If only we could understand this concept and live it right now instead of waiting until it was too late.

What will you do with this wisdom?

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