Adaptability, September 13, 2018 Daily Reflection

Recently, I found myself in a situation of choosing to listen and learn or to fake listening and keep doing the same thing. At first I became aware that my feelings were involved and were hurt, and my pride was wounded. After reflecting I realized that I wanted to fight against the situation, to defend my decisions and myself. Once, I noticed those feelings and acknowledged them I put them aside. I actively listened to what was being said. Then I considered the goal of the situation. I weighed my thoughts and choices and the reactions of others. I decided if I wanted to fulfill the goal then I needed to listen to what the people in the situation needed to reach the goal. I was able to set the emotions, pride, and defense aside. Then I listened, critiqued the situation and was able to create new solutions that met the needs of those involved, still meeting the goals in a creative way. At least 4 different people said that they were impressed with the fact that I was willing to listen to others and adapt to their needs. I said, “I am nothing if I am not adaptable.”

It’s interesting how often our emotions and pride take over a situation. That part just wants to protect us. However, through awareness and acknowledgement of our emotions and pride we can set them aside and actively listen. When we listen and consider the goal, then we can come to a creative solution. As I always taught my students, “If you want to be happy in life then embrace adaptability. Change is constant, accept it, create a new way, adapt, and you will find happiness.”

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