Aging, February 2 Daily Reflection

Me in 50 years

That will be me one day with the wrinkles and the gray hair rocking in my wooden rocking chair. All chaotic comings and goings of my life will gradually fall silent and I will have the time to sit in a rocking chair and simply be. What a beautiful image that thought conjures up in my imagination.

However, most of us don’t age so gracefully accepting that we have to slow down, give up the car keys, move into an assisted living arrangement or relinquish some control over factors or our lives that were once private. Aging can be a process of losing one’s independence and learning how to depend on those we raised, it can be difficult and trying. It can also be lonely if that one person you planned to spend your life with has already gone before you.

You see, the only constant in this life is change. If we do not adapt to the changes of life we are indeed stuck, frustrated, disappointed and just plain unsatisfied.

So how does one age gracefully and accept the gradual changes of life? Having less expectations of what the future will look like will help especially if nothing turns out as you planned. Not to say, we should not have goals and a vision for the future but we must also be able to adjust to the changes.  Acceptance is key to the process; accepting help, kindness, love and a new way of life. Learning to trust in God, confide in Him with your concerns and leaning on Him may help to keep you centered.

I know that as I age I will fight losing so much, my strong healthy body will be worn down and the tasks I do today I will not be able to do then.  I have been told time and time again “Lori, enjoy your youth; appreciate where you are right now because it will not last forever.” So in this moment in time I must embrace my many blessings and live life to the fullest all the while learning how to adapt, accept and lean on God for now and the future when I find myself sitting in that rocking chair.


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