All Saint’s Day, November 1, 2018 Daily Reflection

St. Angela

Today, is All Saint’s Day in the Catholic Church. It is a day for us to celebrate the saints. As Catholics it is our greatest desire to become a saint. We want to live as Jesus Christ working miracles, bringing insight to others, and loving the marginalized. If you read the lives of the Saints you will be surprised how many of them were extremely flawed and sinful. Almost all of them had some type of conversion, when they gave their lives over to God. Our lives would change drastically if only we could live for God.

It would be an honor to serve others with such love and intensity that I was recognized as a saint. That is our mission in life to love with the ability to open our lives to God’s desire to flow through us to others.

On this All Saint’s Day let us pray to the Saints for intercession to lead us to sainthood through our love and action.

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