All The Dandelions, April 8 Daily Reflection

Jake picking a flower for me

“Mom, look at all the beautiful flowers. It’s Spring I can pick you flowers now!” That what Jake yelled as he ran across the backyard.

Have you noticed all the beautiful flowers blossoming in the gardens and on the trees? Well, if you have a 5 year old you know that the most wonderful flowers of all are the beloved dandelions.  They just love them because they are bright yellow, numerous and we let the kids pick them for us, unlike the tulips in our landscaping. How precious is the child that runs to you and says “I picked it just for you, mom”? He is so proud to give something; he views as unbelievably beautiful to his mom.

If you really consider how much our children can give to us the thoughts are boundless; their love, affection, wisdom, innocence, beauty, friendship, hugs, kisses and the list goes on.  But to a child he does not have much to give to a mom maybe a hug, a kiss and a picture from time to time. So to give a flower is a special gift from our children.   To us we look out in the yard and think here comes spring how will I ever get rid of all those dandelion weeds in my lawn? But to a child the thought of picking and giving those flowers to his mom is priceless. 

So next time your little one gives you a dandelion truly stop and think of how priceless that flower is to him. Stop and consider that your child is not just giving you a weed but his heart because he wants to show you how much he cares!


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