The American Dream, June 5, 2014 Daily Reflection

The American Dream

The American Dream

How much better to acquire wisdom than gold!

To acquire understanding is more desirable than silver.

Proverbs 16:16

Our world is filled with avarice, greed and jealousy. We are driven by avarice; the desire for power and wealth. We are trained as children to want things, material things. Our country and our culture are immersed in materialism. It’s what you have that matters the most. The car commercials answer the desire to of peace, fulfillment and lifelong desires of freedom and happiness. We are taught to believe that things attained (gold and silver) will quench our desires and make us happy in life.

So we grow up and with a determined nature work diligently to pursue the career we believe will make us happy. We climb the ladder of success and step on others on the way up but truly believe that “It’s just business” – Donald Trump, when we crush the spirits of others and steal their ideas. Many of us eventually “succeed” attaining the optimum career, the three cars, the $500,000 home, the vacation house, and the money to do whatever we want and to secure us for a lifetime on this earth. It’s considered the American Dream. Economic freedom gives us ALL that we have been taught to desire in life.

What is lacking from the materialistic dream of America?

It is all about self and reveals nothing about other. Nowhere in the commercials do we see others on the street struggling and the inequality of life. We don’t hear from our world “when you reach that point of economic freedom please help to free others with your wealth”. We easily turn the channel when we see the African children dying from hunger and our minds are set at ease because we have lived the dream on our own with no one’s help, with only our own self determination. Where is God in this scenario? God is not needed because we make it completely of our own accord, right?

King Solomon had wealth beyond our wildest dreams but he was also given the wisdom to understand what was most important in life. His life was not a complete reflection of goodness and honor but he did build a temple to God and try to better his society at the time. He was given the gift of wisdom from God and understanding although he strayed from God. His proverbs give us simple wisdom.

Wisdom is more important than gold and understanding should be more desirable than silver.

Of course we want to succeed in life, have a good career and be able to support a family and live comfortably. These goals are not sinful goals. We should have the self determination to succeed in this life but not without God, not without the wisdom to understand that the path we walk should be walked with God. The success we seek is empty without the love of God. If we live our lives in pursuit of the purpose God has called us to in this life there will be “happiness”. We need to raise our children with a desire to live the “Calling of God” not the “American Dream”. Many with untold wealth and materialistic excess are still searching; they are empty inside because they have not fulfilled their purpose from God. If we listen to God, do what is right for others, live selflessly as Jesus Christ taught us to do we will succeed. There is more love in a household of many children, with less cars and things than there is a mansion filled with gold and no one to love.

Seek God and his wisdom and understanding and God will direct your lives to success of a different kind that will fill your hearts and overflow your life with His spirit.

Today, consider what you have, what you are seeking and the success that brings you “happiness”.

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