An act of kindness, June 30 Daily Reflection

Spencer reading to Jake when he was sick

They make me proud. Our summer started this year with a bang for 3 days of swimming and then Jake somehow caught a virus and was down with a fever. He of course passed it to everyone in the house. It took two weeks before it exited our house.

Spencer is reading to his little sick brother. He didn’t care that he might get germs. He just wanted to read to Jake and make him feel better. I can’t remember one time in my childhood that any of my siblings wanted to console me when I was ill. I was so touched by his act of kindness. I pray that they will remain best friends all of their lives. They argue from time to time. Their relationship is not perfect but they are very close and I thank God for that!

We should all perform an act of kindness for someone else this day!

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