An Angel, March 8 Daily Reflection

An angel

An angel’s wings that touch the soul,

She sits upon the greenest grass above a child’s grave.

Her hand upon a little harp and eyes bowed in prayer.

She knows the child is not there beyond the earth and dirt

But with the Lord in Heaven above with all His love immersed.

She sits in silence to mark the place where the loved ones gather near

The flowers, cards, balloons and art work beneath her feet.

She symbolizes that day long ago when their hearts were wrenched with pain

She symbolizes now the realization that their child is now an angel with all of heaven’s graces.

Long I gaze upon this angel and draw a deep breath in and pray for all those moms and dads and for their children gone before for reasons they can’t fathom.

My love extends to each of you in your times of sorrow,

My prayers are with you until that day that you may see your angel face to face once more.


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