An Apple for the Teacher, January 13, 2016 Daily Reflection

A gift from a student

A gift from a student

Yesterday, I was sitting at my desk taking attendance as my students filed in the classroom from lunch. My seniors were talking, laughing, and just getting settled into their seats when one of my students handed me an apple. I said, “For me?” She replied, “Yes”. I was so shocked no student has ever given me an apple. This simple, kind gesture touched my heart. I told her thank you and she took her seat ready for the class.

This is my third year as a teacher. I have lesson plans that I tweak, I understand how the grading works, I am able to be a teacher as well as a mom, and a writer now. It took me two years before I came to the realization that I am actually a “real” teacher. I have always been proud to be a teacher but it was not something I ever expected, so it took a long time to become accustom to this new role.

I teach the best students ever! My students are down to earth, open minded,¬†good, humorous, loving, teenagers. I truly appreciate teaching at a Coed Catholic High School. The students are respectful of one another and are so much fun to teach. I can’t imagine teaching anywhere else. When Jenna handed me the apple it just sealed the deal. I am really a teacher, and I think my students like me! I thank God that He led me to Holy Cross High School to teach my students all about Him!

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