An Experience, July 29, 2013 Daily Reflection

A fancy bedroom in one of the homes

We took our four children to the Homearama show last weekend. They were able to see how the other side lives. It was very interesting to listen to their reactions. Ethan said “I don’t need a house this size with this many things. I like the size of our house.” Anna loved all the ideas of colors, interior decorating and lay outs of the houses. She wants to be an interior designer or decorator. Spencer and Jake were interested only in the play areas.

In the past I had a very difficult time walking through these million dollar homes. It was inconceivable for me to justify such living areas when there are people starving in our own town. But over the years I have come to realize it’s not for me to judge. Many people with that much money build huge houses but give big checks to charities as well. As long as I live my life in balance, share what I have, donate my service and love others then I am setting the example for my children to follow. We don’t live in a big fancy house with lots of stuff on purpose. My decorations are pictures of my family and artwork from my children.  Our house is humble and I pray that my children will be that way as well.

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