Angels Among Us, May 26 Daily Reflection

Hall of the hospital

Oh, how familiar has this hallway become to my mind? It is clean, shiny and leads to a place that is somewhere out of time and our normal way of life. How many of you have traveled this long and sometimes unending hallway when a loved one was hospitalized?

There is something about a hospital that is so different from our modern day hurry up and get down culture. Inside these walls exist people who want to help you with all of your needs. Like little angels they wander the halls. They work to help you. They stand by your bedside and listen to what you say. They tell you about their life stories to help console you with your pain. They clean you, bathe you, feed you, give you medicine, help you with your pain, they even help get you to sleep.

This place functions 24/7 without close. The lights never go out and the beeping machines never stop beeping; blood pressure measured, temperature checked and IV’s changed. They just keep going and after 12 hours another one takes their place and it keeps going.

Out in our “real” world seldom do people, strangers, wave hello, much less take the time to listen to you. Often times we run from point A to point B completely focused on our own needs and desires and give very little thought to the person we pass on the street. We don’t stop our lives to find out their life story or how they feel today. Our lives are separated and isolated from the others running down our own paths.

There are angels who walk these shiny halls. People called by God to be nurses, aids, technicians, doctors etc. They do the dirty work; they catch the vomit and clean the diapers, the beds and the bodies of the ailing. They don’t complain they simply give the patience their dignity, kindness and compassion. In this hospital at this time there are angels among us, I have heard their voices and watched them lay their hands gently upon my Dad as they help to heal his wounds. I thank God that He called them and they answered Him.

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