Angels, December 11, 2012 Daily Reflection

Angel on a Christmas Tree

Notice how the angel just blends in among the branches of the Christmas tree. There are angels in our lives that blend in daily. They walk among us, they lift us up, they make us laugh, they smile and take the time to just say hi. God sends people to our lives that are just like angels. They may not have the wings, the harp or the halo that is visible to others but their actions are like those of an angel. Their tongues only express kind words, their eyes are focused and accepting, their hands are open and ready to help. They may not be real “angels” but their acts of kindness are angelic.

Each day I walk past angels everywhere in the disguise of perfect strangers. They only need to smile to give away their secret. You know who those people are in your life. Maybe you are an angel to someone else. Smile, speak words of encouragement and kindness, offer a hand, give a hug, listen as though there is no one else in the room; today be an angel to someone else.

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