Angry Eyes, September 24 Daily Reflection

Angry Eyes

How often do we use our angry eyes in a day? We use them with our children so that we don’t have to say a word and they will stop what they are doing. We use them with our spouses but usually when they are in the other room because they just can’t seem to do what we ask of them quickly enough. We use them with our bosses as soon as they walk out of view because we can’t possibly do all that they ask of us in one hour. We use our angry eyes too often. Look at the wrinkles they create.

Take a moment to make angry eyes right now. Just scrunch your face up even though you are not mad and make an angry face. Do you feel how your mood completely changes? Did you feel something drop in your stomach? Did you feel not only your entire face tense up but also other muscles in your body?

If our eyes are indeed the windows to our soul do we want our souls to be filled with rage and our eyes to spew the anger? We all get angry from time to time, its natural we are human, so we need to let our bodies experience each feeling and let it happen. If we tried to hide or restrain every emotion then one day we would explode. So when you get angry do it alone, vent for a bit and then relax your eyes, your face, your muscles and your emotions. Let the moment pass and the angry eyes fade away.  Because as people said in the old days “If you hold your face like that much longer it will get stuck like that.”

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