Anna and Oma’s Chocolate, May 17, 2013 Daily Reflection

Anna and Oma’s Chocolate

My daughter and Oma, my mother in law, made these precious chocolates for my daughter’s 12th Birthday. They love making chocolate together and putting them in a beautiful arrangement.

It is so important for grandchildren to have that one on one time with their grandparents. We, the parents, try so hard to make sure our children are well rounded in their education, sports, extracurricular events, music, friendships and experiences. Sometimes our children are so busy with all of these events that we forget the significance of just visiting with family and having time with their grandparents. My children are so blessed to have both sets of grandparents not only living but also wanting to be a part of their lives. Each of my children has a special day alone with the different sets of grandparents. It is their day to spoil them rotten.

One day I hope to be a grandparent and I want that relationship with my grandchildren. I want to know, support and love them through a real relationship. The building blocks of that relationship start with the example I set right now. We parents often forget we are setting the example not only with our actions but with our lack of actions. If you want family to always be important in your children’s lives make it important now!

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