Anna’s Golden Locks, June 15 Daily Reflection

Anna & her grandpa after the haircut

Anna’s pride and joy other than sports is her hair. She has had long hair for 5 years now. The past two years our school has sponsored a St. Baldric’s Day. It is an event to raise awareness for those with Cancer. The children have people sponsor them to have their heads shaved. The children can also donate their hair to Locks of Love. Locks of Love is a nonprofit organization that makes hair pieces for children who suffer from different diseases that cause hair loss. They give the hair pieces to children who cannot afford to buy them. It helps to give them back their dignity and self esteem that the disease has stripped away from them.

Each year when it was St. Baldric’s time students and teachers asked my Anna if she would donate her hair. I sat down with her and explained how much it would help someone else but that it was her hair and her choice. Each year she has opted not to have it cut. It is one of her prized possessions that set her apart from the other girls.

As many of you know in the middle of May my father, Anna’s grandpa, was diagnosed with colon cancer. He has already had the surgery that removed all of the cancer and re sectioned his colon. Right now he is cancer free, Thank God!!  After Anna found out that Grandpa had cancer she said “I want to cut my hair for Locks of Love for Grandpa.” She counted down the days until the haircut. I worried that she may change her mind in the anticipation of the haircut, she did not.

Grandpa went with us for the haircut and she was nervous. Eleven inches of Anna’s golden locks were cut off. She was still left with shoulder length hair. Grandpa sat in the chair and watched her. He said “I am so proud of you Anna. I didn’t think you could be any cuter than you were before but you are now!” We videotaped the cutting or her hair so her brothers and dad could watch it later. Anna filled out the hair donation form herself and we are going to mail it together.

It is easy to give what we don’t need. You know the extra stuff. It is much more difficult to give those things that are precious to us, that make us who we are today. Anna gave just that for her Grandpa. She gave straight from her heart. As a mom I could not be prouder.

Her golden locks before the hair donation


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