Anna’s Job Search, May 28, 2017 Sunday Tidbit

Anna is a hardworker

Anna’s last day of her sophomore year was Friday. On Ethan’s last day of his sophomore year I drove him around town collecting job applications and shaking hands of managers. Friday I did the same with Anna. I told her what to say, to ask for the manager, shake his/her hand, look him/her in the eyes, introduce herself and say that she wants to work there. When you are 16 years old it is a great challenge to walk into a store and ask to see a manager and talk to strangers about a job all by yourself. She did it. She filled out a few applications, talked to strangers, but never met any managers. She is still looking. We will go back out next week and she will talk to more people face to face. We asked Ethan if he had any advice and he said, “Be very polite.”

As I sat in the van waiting for her the first time I could empathize with how nervous she was. I thought about how important the act of trying to find a job in person is to character building. It takes lots of confidence and courage to do this. Many teens don’t know how to shake an adult’s hand and strike up a conversation. These are skills that are important for a lifetime. I am proud of her for doing it. She really doesn’t have a choice if she wants a car, she has to buy it, pay for insurance, and pay for her gas. We will not provide those things for her. This practice is another element of character building.

If you know of any places who are hiring right now please let me know. She doesn’t want to work in the food industry, as a lifeguard, or babysitting. Thanks, for your help!


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