Anna’s Rose, January 4, 2013 Daily Reflection

Anna’s Rose

It is Anna’s creation. It is beautiful, wispy, strong and filled with color. It is the rose my daughter drew and colored. Its petals, thorns, leaves and colors tell a story. Art can speak to your soul like nothing else can. It can capture your heart, your feelings and your imagination.

It bends because the weight of its beauty is too heavy for its stem. Yet the stem holds the head sharing none of the beauty, for the stem is rarely noticed and covered with thorns to protect its life. Its leaves sprout from the stem, their green hiding them among the bramble and bushes that it grows within. As each petal unfolds the fragrance is released into the air for all to share. Its color and texture is breathtaking.

In our lives we are held up by the stems that protect and support us daily. We are held and supported by our family and friends, by our faith and our love. We are given the ability to expose our beauty to release our fragrance of kindness into the world. We are able to let our brilliance shine because below us someone has given us roots, strength and support. Our loved ones push us beyond the bramble and the thorns so that one by one we can open our petals to the world and reveal our true colors of our inner beauty. However, without the stem we would be nothing. Our parents, our spouses, our children, our friends, our God have stayed in the background. So, that we could blossom and reach the opening and be who we were meant to be. Because of their example one day if not already we will be the stem of another rose and support them in their beauty. The beauty of Anna’s rose.


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